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Criminal law deals with some of the most serious legal issues in society. Through it, the state may exercise its power to deprive people of their possessions, liberty and even life. This is why all people accused of a crime are guaranteed the right to counsel through the Sixth Amendment. Without one, the state would have free reign to prosecute and punish people at will.

As soon as you are placed under arrest, you should contact Dan Potucek, a Las Vegas criminal lawyer immediately. An arrest means the police and probably the prosecutors believe that you are the perpetrator of a crime. Whether or not you are innocent until proven guilty, the fact remains that the state believes that you are guilty and deserve to be punished.

Because the police and prosecutors believe this, they will be using the resources of the state get you convicted. This is their only end when working a case: win a conviction. The only thing standing between you and a guaranteed win by the state is a Henderson criminal attorney.

A skilled Las Vegas criminal lawyer will be able to provide a superior criminal defense at every stage of your processing. He will be fighting to get your criminal case dismissed from the get go. Whether it be at the arraignment or the preliminary hearing, his mission will be to get your case thrown out.

If your case is not dismissed, then Dan Potucek will attempt to plea bargain the case; especially if the evidence is stacked against you. This essentially means a reduction in charges and or punishment in exchange for a guilty plea. However, no professional Reno criminal lawyer will seek a plea if the charges are weak or if doing so goes against the will of the defendant. He will go to trial and take on the state before a judge and jury.

Because the right to counsel is absolute in criminal law, the state has to provide all defendants with an attorney if they cannot afford one. However, the state provided defense attorneys, although educated and competent professionals, are generally overworked and overloaded on cases. They are limited in the defense they can provide due to the overwhelming number of criminal cases they must defend.

A qualified Henderson criminal attorney will have the time and resources to handle your case with the delicacy and manpower needed for a successful resolution. If you have been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to Dan Potucek. The state will be working hard to get you processed with a conviction. You deserve a competent professional fighting for your rights.

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