Business Litigation

Business owners face numerous and increasing challenges in the course of running their companies. Businesses often face the possibility of litigation in a number of areas such as, managing employees, attracting new clients, and making certain that all tasks are on schedule, the last thing they need is a legal dispute. Thankfully, business litigation attorneys offer advice and experience so that business owners need not worry about potential lawsuits. Attorney Daniel Potucek has experience in representing small businesses to dispute claims brought against the business.

Many company owners believe that attorneys are an unnecessary cost. However, business attorneys with extensive experience and knowledge in Nevada law can save the owner time and money and ensure that potential problems minimized. Nearly every company can benefit from our experienced lawyers. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can help.

Many of our potential clients wonder what business law entails. As the name would suggest, it simply means legal issues that deal with companies rather than individuals. In its most basic form, business litigation deals with contractual issues. If one party believes another has not fulfilled its contractual obligations, this is known as breach of contract. Business litigation can also deal with many more complex issues. Ownership disputes not only affect the owners but also the functioning of the company. Attorneys expedite the process so that business can resume. Division of stock is a highly sensitive and complicated issue in need of quick resolutions. Nevada has a special business court, especially for these matters. The court recognizes that these issues need prompt resolution, so it attempts to reduce the time for settlement, compromise, or trial. However, there are special requirements and procedures in business court. For this reason, it is essential that a business owner have an experienced business litigation attorney to handle the matter.

The easiest way to deal with a lawsuit is to be sure one never begins. We can draft contracts clearly outlining the responsibilities of all parties, including deadlines, payments, schedules, and liabilities. This way, everyone is aware of their duties, responsibilities and benefits so that there will be fewer misunderstandings. In the event that something goes wrong, a well written contract explains the policy for correcting mistakes and the party responsible. We are also available to review contracts drafted by others and revise them as necessary. The peace of mind that comes from being prepared is invaluable.

Should the unfortunate happen and a dispute arise, we are here to help. Whether our client is the aggrieved party or alleged to be at fault, we strive to get the best result. Just as no one company is unique, no situation duplicates another. We carefully review all documents and communications related to the matter so that we understand the intricacies and nuances of each particular case. The combination of our familiarity with each individual case and thorough knowledge of Nevada statutes and codes means that our attorneys are exceptionally positioned to analyze the best outcomes. Whether the situation calls for settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial, we know how to proceed in a cost effective manner that maximizes our clients’ interests.

Attorney Daniel Potucek has been a business owner for several decades. He has personal experience in representing small businesses to dispute claims brought against the business. If you believe that your company would benefit from our services or even that you might be interested in hearing exactly what we offer, please contact us for a consultation today. We would be happy to explain to you exactly how we can help your business. All inquiries are completely confidential, and we will never proceed with any matter without your approval. Call us and learn today how business litigation attorneys can help you and your business.

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